Where The Ridgebacks Roam
My first Ridgy Pig, a boar we named Reuben Ridgeback. He came to us in Sept. 2002.
Since he can't technically have the title here any other way we gave it to him for a last name. :)
To read Reuben's story & see better more adorable pics
Click Here.
My next two Ridgebacks... sweet little sow, Panache (left) and nuetered boar, Ridgemont (right).
In spite of it not being an accepted breed here, I feel somewhat more confident calling them Ridgebacks after some research I have completed. These two are from the same litter and have very nice ridges for the English standard. Sows usually do not have ridges as large and nice as males.
Panache and Ridgemont were added to our family in January of 2004.
My fourth ridgeback... rambunctious little in-tact boar, Reilly.
He was rescued from a dire situation in June 2004. He recovered
nicely from his URI and has been doing well ever since.
Ridgeback Guinea Pigs
As far as I know, there has not yet to this date been a page of this type made specifically
devoted to the Ridgeback Guinea Pig. Ridgebacks, although not an official breed in the US
are a breed in the UK and I believe in Australia they are still striving to that end. It is not
known wether it will ever be established as a breed in the US, but even so, little Ridgy Pigs
are cropping up all over the place. Here it is known as a coat fault, but coat fault or not,
it is adorable as heck, So here is my page devoted to the Ridged pig, no matter wether it is
an official breed or not. Standardized or Unstandardized... it matters not on this page.

This site does not promote breeding nor do we bash breeders. This page was created
Simply to show off our adorable little pigs who share a common trait.
For info on breeding pigs go

My Articles On Ridgebacks
How Ridgys Developed
About Breeding

Pigtures of Ridgebacks from all over the world... Page 1

All photos used with permission by owner.
Thelma ~ sow owned by Judith of Nijmegen, the Netherlands (aka Kathryn75 of Cavies Galore Forums)
Snowy ~ sow owned by David, son of Nat(Clarasmom on Guinea Lynx Forums) Location; upstate New York
Here is a link to their pet homepage.
Sno pig ~ Boar, son of Christie, owned by Pat McQuinn (Sshadowsmom of various forums) Location: USA
Sno pig has an interesting history. Read about it
My Little Pixie ~ Sow owned by Basilmoon (of Cavies Galore Forums) Location: Massachusetts
All photos used with permission
A champion Ridgeback ~ owned by the famous Su Taylor
of  NCF, United Kingdom
Coala ~ Sow Owned by Anna Barth of Germany
Oh My Gosh!
It's a Ridgebacked version of Simon and Sidney!?....
NOT. See below...
Ludovico and Graumann ~ Boars Owned by Anna Barth of Germany
Ferdinand and Frederick ~ Boars Owned by Anna Barth of Germany
Leonarda ~ sow Owned by Anna Barth of Germany

Note: Baby Ridgebacks do not always show their ridges well at birth.
It may take a few weeks for the skin along the back to firm up and hold the ridge upright.
(as can be seen from the pics of Ferdinand & Leonarda)

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If you have a photo of your Ridgeback pig you
wish to have featured on this site, please
e-mail me for more info.